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 NDIS Accredited and over 20 years experience. 

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NDIS Registered Provider

NDIS Approved Mould Removal & Cleaning

Medi Shield For Health is a NDIS approved and registered service provider.

We offer a number of services including mould removal, air-quality improvement & testing, carpet cleaning, vinyl floor cleaning & stripping, lounge cleaning, tile & group cleaning and squalor bio-cleans.

We believe that you, the customer, are our first priority. As a result, we treat you like a person, not a number, and do our upmost best to treat your with courtesy and respect, as we are a guest in your home.

With over 20 years experience running two successful cleaning companies, Mould Doctor and All Fresh Cleaning, we understand quality of service is important. As a result, we have a series of policies and checklists to ensure that you receive the highest standard of care possible.

To find out more about how we can make your house feel more like a home, call us today about our NDIS cleaning services.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

We understand that inviting a stranger your home can be an uncomfortable experience.

At Medi Shield For Health, we understand this and want to ensure you feel as secure and safe as possible. That is why all our technicians are trained in the highest standard, and have police checks and clearances for your protection. This is why we are able to  be a registered NDIS provider, as we ensure professional standards are maintained and compliance is observed. We also provide specialised training to all our staff and technicians on working with people with disabilities, as we understand that you may have additional needs. For more information on our safety procedures and compliance please give us a call.

Our NDIS Acccredited Services


Mould Removal

Getting on top of mould growth in the home or office quickly is important for the health of the occupants, as well as for preventing long term cosmetic and structural damage. Whether you are a landlord, property manager or home owner, it is important that you take mould growth seriously, so call Mould Doctor today to arrange an inspection of your premises.

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Air Quality Improvement Processes

Is the air in your home making you sick?

  • Standards-based classification
  • Before-and-after treatment reporting\
  • Analysis of samples, typically 0.3µm to 10µm
  • Analysis of airborne particles, or ATP surface cleanliness
  • Treatment of visible mould with GM6000 and airborne mould spores with GM2000

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Squalor Cleaning

Does your house need more than just a basic clean?

Medi Shield for Health specialises in squalor cleaning, which utilises our special skills of mould removal, bio-cleaning and floor cleaning (including carpet cleaning & vinyl stripping). We take the jobs that no-one else will do, as we are used to cleaning up houses that have gone beyond a normal clean. We pride ourselves in disinfecting them, improving air quality and turning them back into a liveable home.

What Your Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

Medi Shield for Health Adelaide has systems in place so that all staff work to the same high standard.  Compliance issues are addressed through strict quality control and reporting. 

With over 20 years experience,  we are proud to say we often save our clients a lot of money and time as we use commercial-grade products. 

Reliable & Fully Insured

Medi Shield for Health is NDIS accredited and insured so you can be sure that we will always provide the highest quality service. Are staff have strict compliance reporting and procedures they need to adhere to you know you can rely on us.

Trained Mould Removal Master Technicians

We are trained Goldmorr Technicians and Master Technicians who will do everything they can to identify and subsequently solve your mould problems. In most cases, we will not need to repaint or replaster you walls and you will be back in your home the same day.

Locally Owned & Operated

We are locally owned and operated, not a franchise and our customers trust us to look after their health and their home. We are specialists committed to delivering the very highest of care and professionalism.We travel to all of Adelaide, from the South to the North, including Barossa Valley & Gawler to Naracoorte, Robe & Mount Gambier.

Happy Customers

We have an 8 week old son and were sceptical at first, but before the work was carried out we were reassured over the phone by Barry who was happy to answer all of our questions and informed us of their non toxic, water based products. We were very happy with Mark and his work removing mold from our rental. He was friendly and polite and we felt very comfortable leaving our home with him while he completed the job. We were very satisfied with the overall outcome. Walking back through our front door we immediately felt as though we were breathing in fresh air for the first time in a long time and have noticed an improvement already with our son’s breathing. A speedy and efficient service we would recommend for any cleaning and mould removal.

I am more than happy to recommend the above services provided by Mr Barry Stewart and his team. I manage Century 21 CG Asset Management with over 350 properties under my care and we have utilised both services provided by Barry on numerous occasions. Barry’s team have provided us with an excellent, prompt & efficient cost-effective service for over 15 years now.

The team have assisted both my clients and tenants even in emergency call outs and their attention to detail is always appreciated. Their empathy in dealing with all parties is also appreciated. I have no hesitation in recommending them to you as I am confident that you will also receive the same friendly reliable service as well.

Patrick and mum have really appreciated their fantastic and amazing work on the walls with our mould problems. Mum absolutely loves her bathroom and bedroom, mum said (Didn’t want to get ever get out of bed!). Mum also has felt that her health has improved and getting better, I feel surprised and a lot safer in my room, because just to even know it not there is great. We both have asthma and now that the mould is gone, us both feel breathe-easy and safe with it completely gone! Thank you for Ur great service

Other Services

Carpet Cleaning & Upholstery

We clean carpets and ensure you can walk on them the same day! We specialise in getting rid of urine and pet odours from carpets and lounges. We can also help clean leather lounges and chairs to remove stains and discolouration.

Air Sanitising

Did you know that it is very common for the indoor air quality in your home to be worse than the outdoor air?   These problems can cause an accumulation of harmful pollutants in your air which can be devastating to your health and especially to the health of your children.

Vinyl & Tile Floors

Make your floors look like new again and banish germs with our vinyl stripping and sealing as well as our grout cleaning services.

Cool Room Sanitising

Cool room cleaning is a specialised field that should address more than just the visible cool room surfaces. Cool room pipes can contain biofilm, the fans and fins can be covered in mould, plus there are many other potential hazards that could be lurking in your cool room. Correct and thorough cleaning of all cool room related equipment is essential.

Bio Clean

Biofluids are a workplace hazard to staff, and pose a risk to public health. Biofluids spread communicable diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV, Tuberculosis, Flu and many others. Eliminating Biofluids needs a Bio Clean, and Mould Doctor has the solution.

Air Conditioner cleaning

  • Filter cleaned & sanitised

  • Airflow reading before & after

  • Evaporator cleaned sanitised & coated

  • Barrell fan cleaned sanitised & coated


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